Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’d like to visit The Cornerstone and learn more about it, but my Parish doesn’t offer it. Can I attend one at another Parish?

Answer: Yes! Click here to see The Cornerstone Branch locations and contact information. Most branches have visitors’ days at least twice a year. Feel free to attend the one that works best for you.

Question: What is the cost to participants?

Answer: There is no fixed fee for participating in the study. Members are asked to pray and discern their anonymous donations. There are no paid employees of The Cornerstone; however, there are administrative costs to managing the Branches and providing materials to participants.

Question: Are there different levels of the sessions? For example, if one group is more knowledgeable about scripture do they move at a faster pace or do all the groups study essentially the same thing?

Answer: The Cornerstone study questions are written with our diverse membership in mind. We welcome “beginners” as well as those more familiar with the Bible and each group within a Branch studies the same lesson each week. We like to say that The Cornerstone is more of a “heart study” than a “head study.”

Question: Do all the Branches study the same content or can a branch pick what they want to study

Answer: All branches complete the same study each year. The Prophets of the Old Testament will be studied in 2023-2024. Click here to see our studies.

Question: What is the average time commitment for participants?

Answer: The program runs for about 20 to 23 weeks beginning in September and usually ending in April. Cornerstone members commit to attend a 2 hour meeting each week and spend about 20 minutes each day in prayer, meditation and completing the daily lesson.

Question: Can people from other faith traditions join The Cornerstone?

Answer: Yes, all are welcome!

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