The Cornerstone Method - A Four Part Study

The Cornerstone Scripture Study is designed to help you establish a habit of daily prayer, share your faith with others and see the relevance of God’s Word in your daily life. Each year The Cornerstone selects a study, trying to alternate Old Testament and New Testament, and each Branch focuses on that study for 20-23 weeks over two semesters. It does not require any prior knowledge of scripture. The study is comprised of four components, each anchored in prayer:


Each week members are given a set of questions that relate to a passage of Scripture from the current study. There are approximately six questions for each day relating to specific verses, and ending with a “life application” question designed to lead members into reflection and prayer. The lessons can be hand written or prepared online and generally take 15-20 minutes a day. The format of the study is designed to help develop a daily opportunity to spend time reading the Word of God in Holy Scripture. The Cornerstone Scripture Study questions have received the Imprimatur of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri.* (*New studies are in process)


Each year the members of every Branch of The Cornerstone are assigned to a small group and remain a part of this group for both semesters of that year. Trained facilitators lead their small groups through the weekly questions and group members share their written answers as well as prayer, while a warm fellowship is nurtured among the members of the group. Small group membership changes each year so that members get to know others within their branch.


Each meeting offers two reflective talks given by a member of the Branch. The first, a short, 5-minute “Focus”, occurs before the small group meeting. Following the small group meetings, The Cornerstone Branch members gather for a Spiritual Reflection that weaves personal applications into the week’s study. This Reflection may also include historical and theological background information, as well as prayer. There is no question that the Word of God remains vital and meaningful today!


Each annual study is accompanied by a commentary written by a recognized Catholic theologian. Weekly lessons are followed by a short reading assignment from the commentary intended to enhance the member’s understanding of that week’s study. The commentary books are reviewed in advance by a committee of the Shepherding Board to ensure that the level is understandable and appropriate for our membership.

The four components of The Cornerstone Catholic Scripture Study (daily study questions, small group sharing, spiritual reflection, and commentary readings) are accompanied by song, prayer, hospitality and fellowship in a meeting scheduled for just under two hours each week.

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